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Once again, the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art let us take over level 2 for our termly network meeting. The turn out was really impressive and we actually ran out of seating space and biscuits, so it was standing room only as we debated the Coalition “plans” for Art, Craft and Design. I emphasised the real importance of joining NSEAD, the national subject association, so that we can all be a part of the advocacy for our subject, and so that we can have one voice, in what may be difficult times for our subject.
NSEAD have just published the first edition of the AD magazine and it’s a cracking good read (as Wallace would say to Gromit), case studies, interviews, news, opinions, images, British Museum poster, updates on the curriculum….this publication is simply splendid and another good reason to join.NSEAD

We had a really interesting presentation by Cate and Colin from the Ceramics and Glass course at Sunderland University. They showed us some effective ways of using ceramics and glass in the classroom, and also helped with being able to suggest suppliers and explain costings that would suit most school budgets. This will be followed up by developing further links with the network including taster sessions at the National Glass Centre. Find out more about Sunderland University

Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums team (Lucy,Anne,Virginia,and Zoe) produced a varied and fast paced presentation. This was full of information and fun activities which were linked with different projects they are involved in. Our teachers enjoyed making paper aeroplanes and marshmallow towers but became rather competitive to say the least ! We also had preview news of future events.TWAM

Paul Carney demonstrated the Flickr page that he has set up for the group, and did this with humour and easy to read and see visual instructions. Hopefully schools will sign up for this.
Visit Paul’s website

Lucy Smith showed us some images and video of the exciting exhibitions and events coming up at Baltic in the next few months. This includes the Turner Prize-which Baltic will be hosting, what a great scoop for the north-east. Baltic future events

Ruth Robinson was busy interviewing people on our Vox Pop set up, the idea being to make a short video about the network which can be used to encourage other groups to set up their subject networks, and to support the work that NSEAD will be starting soon to establish networks across the UK. We had some lovely comments from those being interviewed, although I think that me and Ruth need to start using a microphone with the camera. All these usually loud people who, when interviewed and filmed, become all meek and mild…I dunno !

I keep telling people how effective networking is and imploring them to read a book called “The Wisdom of Crowds “ link to Amazon which has interesting theories on how groups of people can be very powerful when working together.

But the thing is, I sometimes feel I am over the top with eulogies and praise, but….I just can’t tell you how good it feels to be part of this huge and fun group of people who form the network. I come away feeling inspired and enthusiastic, even if I have had the longest day possible before the sessions. North East Art Teacher Educator Network rocks.

Our Facebook page is here: NEATEN page



4100 days ago

It was my first meeting, enjoyed it hugely. Loved meeting all the art teachers and the uni staff and the gallery people. I will be trying to get others to come to the next sessions. Thank you.

Laura Smith

4096 days ago

Thanks for a great evening, I really enjoyed hearing what’s going on in other schools and meeting other teachers in the area. Looking forward to the next one!

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