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The NSEAD Conference was held on the 19th and 20th March in the rather delicious environment of the British Museum. I mean to say, who can resist getting excited upon entering that beautiful building ? There was a real variety of things to see, hear and do, and a diverse range of speakers and contributors. Our new president, Andrew Mutter, made an opening speech which reminded us of the need for advocacy in times when our current government seems to be showing little concern for the role of visual art, craft and design education. The theme of the conference was Globalisation, Diversity and Inclusion. Ironically, these are all areas in which art and the arts are seen as innovative role models and leaders. It would have been nice to have someone from the DFE in attendance!

I won’t attempt to review every presentation, that’ll be done in the NSEAD AD magazine in the coming months. But, I will say that I heard and met inspirational people who understand the value of the subject and who have the passion and belief that will help us all to be optimistic and powerful in our own personal roles as advocates and practitioners.

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