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I have been ultra busy and neglected the blog, but I intend to get one written this weekend which will sum up and appraise everything which has been going on. But, there is a message to everyone who is a part of the NEATEN (north East Art Tecaher/Educator Network) THANK YOU. This network gets bigger and bigger and the support and respect given by teachers/educators to each other and the passion that they have for their subject has been spectacular. You make me very proud.

Use the blog comments to let me know how it has helped you this year and what we can do to support you next year.

Everyone deserves a peaceful summer, re-charging batteries and re-thinking priorities. Next year NEATEN will continue with its advocacy for our subject and in supporting the people who support the network.
Happy holidays one and all.


A northern lass

3791 days ago

The emails really help me to keep up to date and the inset opportunities have been excellent because school has nil cash so it’s a god send. The link with NEATEN and BALTIC appears to be strong and this is working well for me. I have gone to as much as possible. I thought I would join NSEAD next year too as I am more aware if a need to do this. Thank you for the network.


3789 days ago

I don’t think we thank you enough.
Thank you!

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