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The Rainbow for Mister Gove Campaign has been a great success in that it has brought together, from all over the country, an on line community who are all passionate about the Arts in our education system, and who are prepared to make an effort to have their say.

No need to be disillusioned by the paucity and poor content of the reply letters from DFE, it should in fact motivate people to keep this postal dialogue going.

Stage 2 has arrived, although flyers are not yet ready. “A Christmas Card for Mister Gove” starts today and, once again, we will co-ordinate the posting of these to make sure his office receive them before the Christmas break. The idea here (thank you Den Taylor for this!) is that we send a blank Christmas card, plain and ugly, with either no or minimal decoration on the front and a message inside that says something like “Here is your Christmas card Mister Gove. Sorry there is no image or picture but maybe you should see what a world without art looks like”. By enclosing an addressed sheet of paper and a short message you will then create the situation where DFE once again have to acknowledge your letters.

At a busy time of year it also requires minimal effort from us all. Please let me know what you think by writing inthe comments section of the blog. I will be creating a Facebook events page and flyer/poster in the next week.

The support has been magnificent, let’s keep it going. Pass the message on !


Lesley Butterworth

3847 days ago

Glad to know that some replies are coming through, and ready for the next ‘leg’


3847 days ago

Count me in!


3847 days ago

Already on the case. A white card edged with black- to mourn for the possible loss of art.

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