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The Christmas Cards should be posted FIRST CLASS on Monday 12th December. The address is the same as last time and you can print out the labels at this link: Labels

I am delighted to announce that we are about make our mark with another campaign to get our collective voices together and let Mister Gove know how concerned we are about his curriculum review and his inability to convince us that this governments values the Arts and, in particular, art craft and design.

Rainbow for Mister Gove was a success, we have made inroads into the grey corridors of the DFE but we need to keep this campaign alive and active. This second task is an easy one, but very effective. Thanks to my good friend and colleague,Denise Taylor, for such a fun idea. All the details are on the flyer/poster.

Putting some loose glitter in the envelope might just be a nice way of leaving your creative mark !



3833 days ago

Yes, i am up for this !

Ben D

3830 days ago

Seems manageable for the end of term too. Very worried about art at my school as I saw a flip chart in the head’s room with option diagrams on and Art was going into one option block. That will diminish our numbers and status. E-Bacc nonsense of course.


3825 days ago

Im gunna do a 12 stamp book again.
oh gawd, he is gunna regret his WEE WEE-Bac sillyness.

michele gregson

3825 days ago

great idea, we all need to get involved

The Marmalade Arts Factory

3818 days ago

Just about to do this, but the irony is I can’t find any plain white card – only coloured!My arts & crafts cupboard doesn’t allow for things to be made with no creativity!


3811 days ago

Enjoyed posting it as I had put the tiniest glitter sneakily into the envelope and hope it sticks to him so he can’t get the taint of art off!

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