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Okay, start with the past two weeks and my role as social engagement manager for the Cultural Olympiad Global Rainbow Project, what a fantastic and moving piece of public art. Yvette Mattern is a visionary artist, I met her last in 2005 when she was artist in residence @ Baltic. She has produced the Global Rainbow at other venues but,as with all art, funding is crucial, so with the ardent support and help of Ben and Lee at amino arts (Newcastle) the funding for the UK version was acquired, mainly through the help of Arts Council and the Cultural Olympiad. You can not describe what it is like to see the installation but you can share the images and comments from either our Facebook page: Facebook page: ask to join.
and see the amazing images on the flickr page:
Flickr page for Global Rainbow

Then, we had a great NEATEN event last week at Gilesgate School called “The Trouble With Clay”; hosted by Ruth Robinson and Donna Grant, and where Donna shared ideas, tips and expertise with an enthusiastic bunch of north east educators.

I missed that event, as we were being swamped @ Baltic, with large numbers of enthusiastic primary teachers who had come to the termly network meeting. My bit was “Every Picture Tells A Story” where we use a simple taxonomy to develop thinking skills, dialogue, conversation and opinions in order to to develop conversations around a selection of art works, including Edward Munch, Beryl Cook, and David Hockney. Everyone got fully involved in this and it was a cracking event!

I’m also busy trying to finalise my two presentations for the 2012 NSEAD Conference @ Baltic on the 16th/17th/18th March. I am over the moon to be inviting NSEAD to the north east and hope this will be a Conference to remember. Lots of other things happening too: the Lisa Milroy exhibition at Gallery North, our Drawing Inspiration event on the 23rd of March, spring flowers popping up all over the garden…..oh yes, life is sweet…..



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Global Rainbow was stunning.

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