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Please support our campaign to create an APPG for Art, Craft and Design Education.

We need lots of support to set up an APPG. What is an APPG?
An All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) is a group of parliamentarians, from all parties and from both Houses, formed to discuss a subject in which members have a common interest and enthusiasm.
The Groups are not controlled by a party whip and only backbench members of both Houses (that is, those who do not hold a ministerial position) are eligible to join.

All-Party Groups provide a forum in which parliamentarians can discuss issues freely, often in the presence of interested parties. Each Group must have at least 20 members, consisting of 10 from the Government Party, a minimum of 6 from the main opposition party, and 4 from other parties or from the House of Lords.
All-Party Groups often attempt to draw attention to certain aspects of public affairs or act as pressure groups to promote some particular cause and can help to keep the Government informed of parliamentary opinion.

APPGs can do this in a variety of ways. They can:
• Meet with Government Ministers to discuss their concerns
• Put more pressure of the Government by tabling oral and written questions for Ministers to answer
• Initiate Adjournment Debates
• Hold functions within the Houses of Parliament to raise the profile of their cause with other parliamentarians attracting more support
• Organise meetings, share ideas and co-ordinate action with other APPGs

Sharon Hodgson (MP) and her team are supporting us in trying to get MPs to join the group and leading the way with this idea. We have some very high profile support already promised but need more, and particularly from Conservative MPs. Can you help?

What can you do? Download the two documents which support this. One is a poster which you can display, one is a suggested letter template. But, email myself or Sophie Leach Sophie Leach and tell us the name of your MP (or Peer) that you are writing to, as this helps us to track what we are doing. It really will help the work of NSEAD and all those striving to promote the value of art craft and design education in the UK. You can support this whether or not you are a member.

Link to the letter and information (feel free to adapt and to send to others):

Link to the poster:

Sharon Hodgson MP.
Sharon speaking at 2012 Conference=


Sally L

4337 days ago

Wouldnt it be good if this happened? Do you think it will? Is it about time we marched with placards into Downing Street? Too many art teachers not being replaced in schools. My friend who is a HOD, has not had a retired person or teacher who left replaced. But, they gave her five non art teachers to teach KS3. One is DT, two are PE, one is MFL and one is the school librarian. Give me strength.


4332 days ago

love to help but my MP is William Hague so I cant use him….:-(


4298 days ago

Is this set up yet then?


4298 days ago

Piper- we need Tory MPs to sign up to create the group. It’s a struggle to get them interested ad I’m relying on people with Tory MPs to get out there and persuade them of the value of this group.

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