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Busy with lots of projects....

New academic year and term and new ideas and projects are coming in fast.
If I have a major new focus, then it will be my role within InSEA,The International Society for Education through Art. I am delighted to be one of the three World Councillors who represent Europe and have already volunteered to get involved in the social media and networking side of the organisation and to help to write a Manifesto for the Society, which represents the world as it is now. With Council members being spread over the world, we will conduct most of our discussions by Skype and email. It does make you think how on earth they managed before these were available! Typewriters, letters and snail mail no doubt.

I have also joined AccessArt as a Trustee and intend to be both an ambassador and a champion for this wonderful centre of excellence for art education.

And as a Co-Director of the CIC group, Monkfish Productions in Newcastle, I hope to support them as they move into a new era and location and challenges, creative and otherwise.

I will continue my work as Secretary to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Art, Craft, and Design in Education, on behalf of NSEAD (National Society for Education in Art and Design) This also gives me a role on NSEAD Council and I hope to also use that presence to involve NSEAD more with the global work of InSEA.

Needless to say, the work with NEATEN (North East Art Teacher Educator Network) continues and supported by an excellent steering group, we now look forward to celebrating our tenth birthday with several events and with the support and belief of our partners, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art.
This will include an annual Big Draw CPD session, a public Big Draw event, A NEATEN Symposium (November 11th), a Sketchbook Circle residential, an exhibition of photographs of those active in the network which starts with our tenth birthday party (27th October). Once I get online links, I will post these up. Here is one:
I’ve also got some keynote speeches coming up, one down at the Cambridge Arts Marketplace in September, and two at the Liverpool Art Teacher event in October.

I am planning courses for Keynote Education, for NSEAD, and with my colleague Paul Carney for this new academic year. I will also be in Leeds again, with Leeds Artforms. Exploring primary assessment and some skills progression. Details of the course are here:
Also lined up is my successful primary art co-ordinator course, in Norwich in November.



1441 days ago

hope to make the West Yorkshire course (travel and headteacher permitting.)

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