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Recent Testimonials

It is always nice to hear from people about work that you have done. Here are some comments, hope you enjoy. The most recent comments are first in the list. But, after a busy summer I have rather randomly embedded some tweets!

Royal Academy Panel Event for teachers, June 2018.
‘Thank you for joining the panel and your valuable contributions which are always heartfelt (to use your word) and vital for teachers everywhere. I wanted to have you on the panel because your humour, experience and energy were necessary for the discussion.’ Ann Gilmore
Young People & Teachers Programmer

Plan Prepare Provide: Art History Residential July 2018, University of Leeds.
‘Thank you Susan, for being such a magnificent leader. Your creativity is awesome. I have learnt so much from working with you and observing you work with the teachers.
I spent the weekend reflecting on last week, and with a little bit of distance and some sleep, I feel proud of all that we continue to achieve together. Your energy is infectious and I look forward to working with you again in the Autumn, and continuing the fight for our subjects.’
Professor Abigail Harrison Moore, Head of School,School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies, University of Leeds
Delegate comments:
‘Susan Coles’ engaging style – reminding us with great humour of why we teach and what (bad practice) we often resort to if we don’t remember to sharpen the saw. Lots of interesting references to follow up later.’
‘How welcoming, supportive and knowledgeable each person delivering was inspiring and generated genuine excitement for what we, as art teachers do and what we can do better. I immediately felt at ease and confident in being open and receptive to the plethora of brilliant ideas, the challenging of our current states and the encouragement to build a better curriculum for our students. I felt my saw being well and truly sharpened!’
‘I also LOVED the ‘Feed Me’ artist workshop and intend to use this with my students. The sculpture workshop was my other favourite. I loved Susan Coles and find her very motivational- loved the cups!’

Leeds Art Forms/Leeds for Learning Art Teacher Conference, July 2018: Keynote speech.
‘Excellent-very informative on current issues. Inspirational.’‘Really inspiring and moitvational.’
‘So inspirational!’
‘We are artists! Dont forget that. Susan was real.’

PATERN Regional Art Conference for Primary Schools, June 2018 Customs House, South Shields:
“Loved everything Sue Coles delivered she is inspirational.”
“As an art therapist working in schools I think that the information from today will help me to encourage schools to engage in arts. The speakers were interesting and inspiring.”
“Such inspirational speakers. A wonderful day with lots to take away to enhance our curriculum even further.’

INSET day, Meadowfield Primary School, Leeds, May 2018:
“This was an amazing way to end a half term and fire up colleagues with ideas, innovation and practical, do-able activities to take into our final half term.
Susan geared the session up exactly to meet our improvement priorities for the forth coming year and to tie in with environmental projects. The tasks were varied and fluid, allowing colleagues to take them in any direction and providing throughout discussion for how to take this into the classroom of any age group. In short, it was exactly what we needed and more!” Helen Stout, Headteacher

Drawing inset day for teachers, based around BP Portrait Award Exhibition, National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, February 2018. with Thomas Ganter (artist)
‘Inspiration!Ideas to take forward. Excited! It was ‘dead good’. More of this please!’

‘It was excellent- having the experts there to push us to try new things and to see things differently’ More of the same-it’s amazing.’

‘Vibrant group. Expert facilitators’. ‘Any occasion to work with Susan is always welcome.’
‘Very interactive, practical and a lot of fun.’

#ARTCONNECTS event London 24th February 2018.

Artist Teacher WellBeing Day, NSEAD, London February 2018.

‘Powerful day-many thanks- we can only change some things not everything. Thats what Im doing.’
‘…ran a “Draw your Life” 2 hour w/shop with “seriously stressed” Lower Sixth students yesterday.Fascinating.Worked brilliantly.’

Leeds ArtForms Primary Art Teacher inset day, January 31st.
‘Excellent resources to support planning, progression and assessment. Great delivery-fast paced. Lots crammed in. Good ideas to take back into school to support staff and enrich learning.’

‘Susan is very inspiring. Very clear on what assessment, progression and curriculum should look like. Great art ideas to take back to school.’ Judith O’Sullivan, Yeadon Westfield Junior School.

‘Susan was brilliant, super ideas to take away and has made me so much more comfortable being a leader.’ Zoe Atkinson, Temple Newsam, Halton.

‘Clear insight to assessment. Quickest morning ever on a course. So engaging!’ Emma Riggs, Corpus Christi Primary School.

‘Amazing training! Feel better about moving my school on with Art. Thanks.’ Lauren Durn, Rothwell Saint Mary’s.

“Where have all the boys gone?” PGCE CPD day, Birmingham City University, December 2017.

‘Where have all the boys gone?’ Turner Contemporary, Margate, November 2017.
‘Great- plenty of content and useful practical jumping off at points to break up the day.’

‘Breath of fresh air. Nice to share and to be guided or pointed in interesting and creative directions. Well done. I got a lot out of this. Thank you.’

‘Absolutely fabulous-so useful and full of exciting ideas.’ Richard

‘An eye opening refresher that has re-ignited my passion for teaching my subject.’

‘This has encouraged me to have the confidence to change my own mindset of how to help our boys. Brilliant resources and ideas. Excellent day, thank you!’ Hannah Jones

‘Where have all the boys gone?’ Norwich University of the Arts, December 2017
‘A really good opportunity to reflect and to learn about some concrete strategies to try-great case studies and plenty of ideas shared to take away. A valuable session.’

‘Wonderful!Amazing tips. Inspiring. First relevant helpful training session I’ve had.’

‘Wonderful course- thank you Susan for sparking ideas and getting my brain ticking on a Monday in December…..’

OCR Creative Forum event, Cambridge, November 2017.

How to be an effective Art, Craft, Design co-ordinator, Norwich November 2017.
“Very entertaining and full of detailed and useful information. Informative, thought provoking and enjoyable.” Louise Quinn.

“I thought it was all really good. The best and most useful training that I have been on.” Hannah Ruffell

“Absolutely brilliant!” Amy Ward

“Everyone connected to the teaching of art should attend this course.” Louise Quick

Liverpool School Improvement Inset day, 20th October 2017. Art, Craft and Design keynote speeches:
“The guest speaker, Susan Coles, was excellent.”
“Susan Coles was an inspiration.”
“Susan’s talks, morning and afternoon were both informative and interesting.”
“Excellent talk from Susan- extremely uplifting and thought provoking.”
“Relevant, informative, inspirational keynote speaker.”
“Susan was inspirational, with lots of priceless links to Forum, FB, Twitter and NSEAD.”
“Susan Coles was outstanding.”
“Susan Coles? Best speaker ever!”

Keynote speech at the Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge for the MyCambridge Marketplace, Cambridge Arts Network, September 2017.
“Thanks so much for your inspiring key note last evening – it really set the tone for the event and resonated with so much of what followed.” Jane Wilson, Culture and Community Manager, Cambridge City Council

“Dear Susan, myself and other members of our Arts team saw your speech at the Fitzwilliams Museum and found it both inspiring and informative. Your talk was riddled with strong rationale for why the Arts matter in school and education. Thank you for taking the time to speak to us about it and provide us with solid ammunition as to why we need to persevere and teach the Arts to young people.”

Art History Residential, July 2017, University of Leeds:
“Thank you, and thank you…for everything you did. If being a ‘critical friend’ means being an inspiration then you get 100% for the role! Every one of the amazing teachers we worked with commented on how much you made them feel that they could make a difference and that is so important in these difficult times.” Professor Abigail Harrison Moore, Head of School, School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies, University of Leeds.

“Susan’s talk was exceptional. One to watch.” “Amazing session- empowering and essential in supporting the subject and the teachers who teach it” Teacher comments.

Drawing course for primary teachers, July 2017:

NSEAD Courses 2017:

*YPO Drawing Course, June 2017: *

Durham network meetings:

Arts Council Collection Teacher Day, May 2017:

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